Saturday, August 13, 2011

fun ways to tell him you want him

One of the things I love to do is do suttle things that will turn my husband on Here are a few things I do :

I'll be walking in front of him and just add a little swish to my step I can feel his eyes follow my hips from side to side. Another thing I like to do is walk in front of him and suddenly bend over most the time he will be walking so close he will bang into me in a good way. or if  I am in front of him say just talking to him I will drop something right to my feet and bend down to get it when coming back up I will pause a second in just the right spot and I always hear an " oh baby " I know I did it right .

I think almost every woman knows how to do the look where you give him those eyes that say " I want you " with out having to say a word. One way  he gets the signal is if  I bite my lip a little he knows what I am thinking. When we are holding hands I scratch his palm and he knows that means lets get it on.

I hope you like these few tips and feel free to tell me some your own .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing with fire and pocket rocket reviews

Playing With Fire front coverThis month from I received two items to review. The first one being a erotica book called playing with fire edited by Alison Tyler. This book is made up of many short stories by multiple authors. Some will get you hot and wet others fell short. One thing I didn't like about some of the stories is that they ended to soon and left you wanting more so you go to the next story and it is a little dual.

Pocket Rocket Vibrator front coverThe second item I received was a Pocket rocket vibrator. It is a one speed mini vibrator that come with a studded cover that I am not to fond of because if how hard it was if it were made from a smoother plastic I would have enjoyed it more . I took the cover off and that worked for me I would recommend this product for a fun little toy you can keep in your purse or take on trips. It small and discreet but will get the job done.

I Hope you enjoy!!

This product was provided to me by good vibrations in exchange for a fair and honest review.