Saturday, May 7, 2011


Have you ever wanted to take sexy pics. of yourself at home? 

Want to know the best time to take them?

I have found that the BEST time to take hot pics of one self is after sex YES AFTER SEX . If you ever look at yourself in the mirror after sex see how you are glowing and look very natural ( very hot). So brush your hair out, put some sexy cloths on or not and have your s/o click away with the camera. Even if you have body issues you will love these fun sexy pictures. Its helps to have a printer so you can print these out at home and not in a store. Spice it up even more by using props like boas, whips, high heels, etc. do what ever you want to feel as hot as you want.

Here is a good idea inspired by my cousin make a whip cream  bikini you all know how I mean. You can even do shower pics ( don't get the camera wet ) foam up in all the right places . Your s/o will be so turned on by these pics. you might get some really naughty pics. with the both of  you in them HINT HINT.

Hope you all have fun with these tips

You would think

Being that target is an a nicer store then lets say wal-mart that is would have nicer people working there.Yesterday I went to target to get some great deals that they had that mixed well with the p&g coupons that just came out in last Sundays paper. We get to the register and the cashier was a bitch from the start she rings everything up and I hand her my coupons she scans them ( i make sure they all come off) she said the total was 6.97 I told her no you didn't take the free soda off she was like " yes I did" then I said show me she couldn't and I had her scan the coupon again a low and behold she didn't. Did I receive a apology? No nothing. I am going online now to write them an e-mail about what happened.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazing Leather Bag 701-702

On monday I recived my new leather bag from Avon. I imediatly changed all my things over from my other purse. I was so excited to get it it is my very first real leather purse and it is so cute. I have recived so many compents on it and I tell them its Avon and at the same time hand them a book. A lot of people don't know Avon has a lot of cute purses and clothes it's not only makeup.

Luxuriously supple leather shoulder bag. Made with 100% genuine pebble-grain leather and quality hardware. Top-zip closure. Two exterior pockets with magnetic snap closures. Fully lined with three pockets; two slip, one zip. 91/2" H x 13 1/2" W x 4" D; handle drop, 10".

If interested in getting one yourself  visit me at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

adult talk 18+

I am known to have a naughty mind I have tried to keep it off the blog but no longer can lmfao.
Isaias ( my husband) and I have always talked freely about our fantasies and a lot of them we have the incommen like making love under the stars out in the woods or harder ones like in the elevator or even in a public place. Now I know not all fantasies are easy ones but I think it could really bring a couple together to try a few out. A few things you could do to get on the road to fulfilling a fantasy is to start out small. For example is your or your s/o's fantasy is to make love under the stars or out side start by trying it on your patio or deck or even your back yard ( if it is a very public area hang a sheet ) then once the weather is nice and you are both up for it find a nice area out in the wood ( make sure it is a safe area) and get at it . Or one like a fantasy about making love in a public place is much harder and takes some guts. Like before start out small by playing around in your car ( Just don't get caught) lol. Then once you feel comfortable about going ahead with the act go for it. It can be such and adrenaline rush and might just be the best sex you have ever had.

Now if you just like to act things out but are shy about going into a adult store there are a lot of great places online where you can buy a lot of fun clothing and toys. I found my first time in an adult store I was very shy and red faces the whole time. Then I saw a few fun things Isaias and I talked about what it is for and how to use it ( thank God we speak spanish lol) it helped us both to relax. One item I think should be a staple in every bedroom is a stripper poll it is so liberating, exotic, and very sexy. It can make any woman feel sexy (even me) and any man feel wanted. The best part about it is you get to tease him make him want you more and more until nether of you can withstand it any longer. Plus its great exercises!!

Some tips on not getting caught :
 Do things late at night (less people around).
Stay in the good part of town (less cops and safer).
Bring a sheet or something to cover.
Where easy clothing ( skirt,dress).
Have everything set up and ready .

I hope you all had fun reading my naughty post !!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can your kindness hurt you?

That is what popped into my mind last night so then it got me thinking. I believe it can and has at least in my case. I used to be the kind of person that let people walk all over me, could never say no and  would never let my voice be heard. I never saw anything wrong with how I was until someone stepped a little to hard wile walking over me. I had allowed someone to harm me and it pisses me off that it took me getting hurt by someone for me to realize what all was wrong with how I was. After this had happened I was Finally able to say no more and from then on I became a changed woman. I had changed almost everything about myself  from being a person who blended into the background to an outspoken, bright , optimistic person. From that point on I never let anyone walk over me or harm me again. I let my voice be heard no matter what now if  I don't like something people are going to hear what I have to say rather they like it or not. Yes some people might say I'm a bitch but you go through what I did and you would be too but I could care less what people say about me I am happy with who I am everyone should be happy with who they are and if they aren't then change so that they are happy.

Monday, May 2, 2011


          PREFENSE! Non-Alcohol hand sanitizer

    This is by far the coolest hand sanitizer around why? let me tell you why.

1.  IT LAST 24 HOURS OR TEN WASHINGS! ( so cool)

2.  NO ALCOHOL that means all natural.

3.  IT WON'T DRY OUT YOUR HANDS. Instead it smooths and softens because its silica based.

4.  Prefense protects against staph, strep, E.coli, drug resistant MRSA strains, and more. Other brands can't do that.


Do I even have to say more?

But just incase I didnt say enough already

 “one spray lasts all day” there 1.5 oz Prefense
Foaming Hand Sanitizer offers 120
applications, costing only $.08 per day,
 compared to $1.20 per day with
 alcohol hand sanitizers.  

To be entered for the giveaway of the huge 8oz  Prefense which offers 640 applications!  -- with one spray lasting all day, that one bottle of Prefense could potentially last one user almost 2 years!  The giveaway is open to U.S Residents only.  The giveaway bottle of Prefense will be shipped directly to the winner.

The giveaway ands June 19th 2011 at 11:59 pm

One entry per reply to this post

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

bryton pick

Today in the mail I received my Brytonpick I was so excited to get my first real item to review. I used it right after lunch  it scared me at first I thought it might cut my gums but to my surprise my gums didn't hurt like they do with floss.It was easy to use and got all the food out but it was kinda hard to reach the back teeth with it (then I read the directions and got it no problem). The picks came in a cute credit card size package that fits right in your wallet or hand bag. My favorite thing about the Brytonpick it the stainless steel  cleaning edge that is considered germ- resistant and that can be used up to 30 day such a money saver. I recommend this product to all my readers even to one that bight have braces the Brytonpick can be used with braces as well.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using created by WebBizIdeas a Minneapolis SEO and Web Design firm. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.