Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do they do it

Couples that only have sex a few times a year how do they go so long with out being one with the one they love. Yea  my husband and I have gone a week at the most not counting the 40 days we had to wait after the boys were born even then we did what we could. Do you think that the passion is still in the relationship even if sex isn't ? I see sex as a way to express my love and desire for my husband to satisfy one another not only sexually but mentally as well . Yes there are other ways to show love for your significant other but what about your need and want to satisfy you sexual desire.

My big question is: Can you show passion for your significant other with out sex? My personal opinion is NO to show  how much passion you have for your significant other the only way to express that is sex. I believe that a lot of couples stop having sex is because they get board of it always the same old thing they are missing the excitement that sex can have. I always say keep it new and try new things who knows if those couples try that they may find the passion in their relationship once again.