Saturday, August 27, 2011

finding time for each kid

I try to keep everything even same amount of time and money spent for both. It can be hard to find something that each would like to do but it seem like they are just happy being alone with mommy or daddy and that just makes me so happy to see.

I try to do this at least once a month I explain to the one staying at home that it is his brothers turn to go out and I find something for the other to do here at home with the other parent such as baking or something they love to do.

Have you ever found it kinda hard to find one on one time for each child? I believe it to be very important for each child to get that 1on 1 time with both mommy and daddy even it mean just taking them to the store and out to lunch just the two of you.

Love You More Review

This book is all about Jennifer Grant and her family as the go on the journey of adoption. Even though Jeni has three kids by birth she has always felt a need and desire to adopt. When her and her husband finally decide to adopt a toddler girl from Guatemala it is only the beginning of the obstacles and surprises yet to come.

Through out the book Jeni shares her worries and thoughts from everything like how her new daughter will get along with her other kids to if being taken away from her country will affect her in the long run and how her faith has helped her through it all.

I have to say this book is a good one I too have always wanted to adopt and it let me have a little insight on how it works. I also like how she doesn't only talk about the adoption but also about being a mom of four kids and learning how to deal with the racial profiling of her daughter. I can identify with that being that my kids are mixed race ( Mexican-American ). I would recommend this book to anyone who might be interested in adoption or just needs to know your not the only busy mom in the world and your not alone.