Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today I did my weekly shopping I left at 11am and you would not believe what time I got home 7 pm. Somehow it took us eight hours to go to three stores how does that happen I am so tired and my feet are killing me I feel like I ran 5k damn.

What makes it worse is that I had to came home I had to put it all away and cook dinner wile hubby got to stay home and play his ps3. I do have to say he was nice enough to do the dishes for me after I commented somthing about how the sink was empty when I left "sigh" men. I may just hide his ps3 for a few days ohwait maybe I shouldent write this he reads my blog " nothing is happening here hun go read the little black dress post " lmao.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


                            Hot + Sexy
                      warming lubricant

I am always looking for fun thing to keep hubby and my sex life exciting. So when I got the chance to work with edenfantasys I was eger to get started . They have the best adult products for all occations.

I recived the Hot+ Sexy warming lubricant it came with 5 flavors Hot Vanilla, Hot Cinnamon, Hot Watermelon , Hot Cherry and Hot strawberry all in convenant 1oz bottles . I have to tell you I was amazed when I tried it on the back of my hand blew on it and it got warm I was like now that is cool or should I say Hot!

Hubby wanted to try it out right away I had to tell him no I always try things out on my hand or arm for 24 hrs just to make sure there is no brake out ( I recommend this to everyone). 24 hrs later No brake out so hubby was happy I have to say so was I. Not to get to into it but we tried it out and both loved it. The warming sensation just heated thing up even more let just say it is now a staple in our little black bag.

Now if warming isn't your style edenfantasys has so many more sex lubricants or you can choose from all the fun sex toys they have to offer.

I  hope you all had fun reading and have fun shopping.

The perfect little black dress for your body

Every woman should have a little black dress some where in her closet. But how to choose the right one for your body type? Here are a few tips.

 Stright :

 This means that your hips and bust are balanced and your waist is not very defined. You probably have a bottom that is more flat than round. You tend to gain weight in your torso first and then your upper thighs and arms. Your lower legs are always shapely and one of your best assets.

Try off the shoulder dresses with an A-line or full skirt and a fitted or belted waist to create curves.such as

Francesca Dress in Black from

Francesca Dress in Black

As a Pear Body type (sometimes called triangle), you hips are larger than your bust and you have a nicely defined waist. You have an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. You first gain weight in your bottom and legs flowed by you tummy and upper body. Your waist is your best asset so don’t be afraid to show it off

Off the shoulder or strapless dresses with a fitted waist and an A-line skirt show off your slim shoulders and neck while camouflaging your heavier bottom.

such as this Cybelle Cocktail Dress  from

Cybelle Cocktail Dress in Black

Hour glass:
Lucky you! You have the Hourglass body type that most women strive for. Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a beautifully defined waist. Your have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with your hips. Your waist is obvious and gracefully curves out to your hips. You most likely have a rounded bottom and beautiful side as well as front profile. Your upper body is proportionate in length to your legs which are shapely. From top to bottom, you are a picture of harmony and balance

Dresses with ruching or draping across the bust with a wide fitted waist and full skirt make your waist look tiny and enhance your hourglass figure.

Try this Sicilia Dress

Sicilia Dress


As a Diamond body type, your hips are broader than you bust and shoulders and you have a full midsection. You have a tendency to gain weight in you stomach, back, hips and buttocks. Your waist is undefined and the widest part of your frame. You carry some weight in your upper legs, but your lower legs are shapely and one of your most attractive features. You also have proportionately slender, attractive arms

this post is thanks to and
Choose wrap dresses with full or structured shoulders and an A-line skirt.

very cute Celebration Wrap Dress

Celebration Wrap Dress in Black

Monday, May 16, 2011


OK so Friday was my shopping day like I do every week. Well this week was my best shopping week ever I got $217.00 worth of grocery's for only $32.00 I got 70 items that filled my frig. and cabinets. I was so happy.

I never want to do what some of these people on t.v. do by filling the whole house with a stock pile and it helps that I don't buy things I don't need or use even if it is a good price what would be the point to having it if I wasn't going to use it instead I either save the coupon for my coupon exchange group or leave it there for someone else to use.

So do any of you like to coupon ?

For my family and I couping makes up for me not working the money we save is just so helpful and it occupies my time and I find so much joy in it. You all should try it you never know how much you could save.