Friday, July 1, 2011


Communication is so important in all aspects in marriages and relationships . I say this from experience for the first 2 years of marriage my husband and I really didn't talk about the important things much and were very close to divorce we fixed things and from that point on we have talked about everything it has made our lives so much better for so many reasons we can talk about what is bothering us about each other and fix them . I believe the best part about communicating with each other is our sex lives I used to be shy about talking to my own husband about what I wanted and need to satisfy me and so was he now that we talk about everything I know just what he wants and he knows what I want .

I see so many happy couples end because they just don't talk about things. Like say your husband does something that just pisses you off but you don't want to say anything to him either because you just don't want to nag or you don't want to start an argument etc. but you know all those things build up until you can't stand it any more and BOOM !!! everything come out at once and could end very badly . It is better to have small arguments that fixes thing then one big one that ends it don't you think.

Another important part of communicating is happiness if you are not happy you need to talk about that with your partner about it . Everyone deserves to be happy and if that means talk to your partner and changing a few thing in your relationship to make you both happy go for it don't hold back or you may never be happy.

I hope these tip will help you because I know they have helped me and my husband to have a happy marriage .

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow what have women done to men

Today my husband helped me clean the house with out me having to say one word to him I was so thankful. It gave me a chance to finish reading the book I just posted about and to write the post and  I gave my kids their classes. The house looks great thanks to him so once the kids were in bed I told him thank you for all the help and do you know what he said to me and I quote " I did it because I wanted to get something in return" I was shocked. What have I done to my husband that he thinks that the only time I will have sex with him is if he helps me clean the house . We have sex all the time but I think that may be the problem he has become used to having it all the time ALL THE TIME  and sometimes I am just to busy or even though we may want it we just can't get the alone time. I do have to give him credit though for trying something new OH HOW I LOVE THAT MAN!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Place Called Blessing. Review

A Place Called Blessing

This book is about a young boy named Josh and his two brothers who are put into foster care after their parents are killed in a drunk driving accident. Moving from house to house he get seporated from his brothers After a tragic fire . After ageing out of the system Josh is a angery young man sleeping where ever he can and only wanting an apartment, job and to be left alone. Instead he finds Love, family and blessing.

When I first got this book I didn't know if I would like it I am not really into reading Christian books but this one was not what I expected. It made me cry and laugh it had great twists all through out the book and the ending was so unexpected. I like this book so much because it doesn't push religon on the reader and if you didn't know this was a Christian book you would never have known.
I highly recomend this book I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Foxers review


Omg  have any of you ever tried foxers they are a like ladies panties and mens boxers got busy and made babies the cutest  and most comfortable babies .When I first tried them on I didn't know if I would like the waist band ( looks like boxers waist band) but I tried them and loved it they were so comfortable the lace was soft not the itchy kind but not all come in lace they have so many others kinds to choose from.

I also received a cute lace top that matches the lace boxers but I can't really wear it my boobs don't fit and it's a shame because it is so cute too. I guess I am just going to have to go buy some in a larger size they carry  sizes XS- XXL I don't think hubby will mind to much ;).

Black Lace Cami  Black Lace Boxer Shorts - front view