Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wow what have women done to men

Today my husband helped me clean the house with out me having to say one word to him I was so thankful. It gave me a chance to finish reading the book I just posted about and to write the post and  I gave my kids their classes. The house looks great thanks to him so once the kids were in bed I told him thank you for all the help and do you know what he said to me and I quote " I did it because I wanted to get something in return" I was shocked. What have I done to my husband that he thinks that the only time I will have sex with him is if he helps me clean the house . We have sex all the time but I think that may be the problem he has become used to having it all the time ALL THE TIME  and sometimes I am just to busy or even though we may want it we just can't get the alone time. I do have to give him credit though for trying something new OH HOW I LOVE THAT MAN!!!


  1. Men are so darned sneaky and always have an ulterior motive- lol!

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  2. Dh tends to make me feel guilty when I just am not in the mood. He has always helped without asking but he makes snide comments if he does not get it when he wants it.