Wednesday, May 4, 2011

adult talk 18+

I am known to have a naughty mind I have tried to keep it off the blog but no longer can lmfao.
Isaias ( my husband) and I have always talked freely about our fantasies and a lot of them we have the incommen like making love under the stars out in the woods or harder ones like in the elevator or even in a public place. Now I know not all fantasies are easy ones but I think it could really bring a couple together to try a few out. A few things you could do to get on the road to fulfilling a fantasy is to start out small. For example is your or your s/o's fantasy is to make love under the stars or out side start by trying it on your patio or deck or even your back yard ( if it is a very public area hang a sheet ) then once the weather is nice and you are both up for it find a nice area out in the wood ( make sure it is a safe area) and get at it . Or one like a fantasy about making love in a public place is much harder and takes some guts. Like before start out small by playing around in your car ( Just don't get caught) lol. Then once you feel comfortable about going ahead with the act go for it. It can be such and adrenaline rush and might just be the best sex you have ever had.

Now if you just like to act things out but are shy about going into a adult store there are a lot of great places online where you can buy a lot of fun clothing and toys. I found my first time in an adult store I was very shy and red faces the whole time. Then I saw a few fun things Isaias and I talked about what it is for and how to use it ( thank God we speak spanish lol) it helped us both to relax. One item I think should be a staple in every bedroom is a stripper poll it is so liberating, exotic, and very sexy. It can make any woman feel sexy (even me) and any man feel wanted. The best part about it is you get to tease him make him want you more and more until nether of you can withstand it any longer. Plus its great exercises!!

Some tips on not getting caught :
 Do things late at night (less people around).
Stay in the good part of town (less cops and safer).
Bring a sheet or something to cover.
Where easy clothing ( skirt,dress).
Have everything set up and ready .

I hope you all had fun reading my naughty post !!


  1. You have such a lovely and (naughty)blog that I am giving you an award. Come and claim your award icon at my blog.

  2. this is from my cousin Teresa McKnight Simpson
    here's my take on grow-ups fun time!As a child of the 50's and a "love child" of the 60's,I've had my share of "free love"! Playing with food has always been fun for me;jello is lots of fun,different fruits/vegs,(bannanas,marschino cherries,cucumbers, is fun too! And the best is to have your partner make a sundae on you;chocolate syrup,carmel topping and of cousre whipped topping(canned is best) lots of it!...Enjoy and have fun!!!

  3. Again from my cousin
    years ago when waterbeds first came out,alot of people would have "Wesson Oil" parties! put the oil on the bed or put plastic on the floor or outside on the grass and have big "love-in".that was more fun than playing "Twister"

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