Saturday, May 7, 2011


Have you ever wanted to take sexy pics. of yourself at home? 

Want to know the best time to take them?

I have found that the BEST time to take hot pics of one self is after sex YES AFTER SEX . If you ever look at yourself in the mirror after sex see how you are glowing and look very natural ( very hot). So brush your hair out, put some sexy cloths on or not and have your s/o click away with the camera. Even if you have body issues you will love these fun sexy pictures. Its helps to have a printer so you can print these out at home and not in a store. Spice it up even more by using props like boas, whips, high heels, etc. do what ever you want to feel as hot as you want.

Here is a good idea inspired by my cousin make a whip cream  bikini you all know how I mean. You can even do shower pics ( don't get the camera wet ) foam up in all the right places . Your s/o will be so turned on by these pics. you might get some really naughty pics. with the both of  you in them HINT HINT.

Hope you all have fun with these tips

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