Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can your kindness hurt you?

That is what popped into my mind last night so then it got me thinking. I believe it can and has at least in my case. I used to be the kind of person that let people walk all over me, could never say no and  would never let my voice be heard. I never saw anything wrong with how I was until someone stepped a little to hard wile walking over me. I had allowed someone to harm me and it pisses me off that it took me getting hurt by someone for me to realize what all was wrong with how I was. After this had happened I was Finally able to say no more and from then on I became a changed woman. I had changed almost everything about myself  from being a person who blended into the background to an outspoken, bright , optimistic person. From that point on I never let anyone walk over me or harm me again. I let my voice be heard no matter what now if  I don't like something people are going to hear what I have to say rather they like it or not. Yes some people might say I'm a bitch but you go through what I did and you would be too but I could care less what people say about me I am happy with who I am everyone should be happy with who they are and if they aren't then change so that they are happy.


  1. Good for you! Thank you for sharing.:)


  2. You left a great comment for my post on Parent Palace and I wanted you to know I wrote a post answering it and gave you a shout out. Hope you check it out!!

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