Friday, April 22, 2011

moon dough

i perchused  my boys moon dough they were asking for playdough but i thought hey moon dough never dries out so why not try it. well we got it home and i felt it oh my gosh i fell in love with the texture it is so soft and light but compacts really well i was amazed not only by how cool it was but also by how easy the clean up is if you can't pick it up with a larger piece then it just vacumes up so no mess on the carpet. I think the only down fall was the molds it came with its hard for the kids to get them out so i had to sit there and help them i have yet to try the barn ,dog house or one of the many other formers they offer but i'm hopeing it will be a lot easier then the press and pop molds.


  1. have you let the boys use cooking cutter shapes to play with? My mom lets my sis and bro use it for playdoe and they sit there for hours cutting stuff out..

  2. not on my new table but they do have the play dough cutters and things