Wednesday, July 27, 2011

adult movies

You know adult movies can help to add a little spice to any relationship as long as you both are into watching it. It can help to find new moves to try and what I like to do after watching one it to ask my husband what he thought about the movie and if there was anything he really liked or didn't like. I won't lie about 3 years ago I would never watch anything like that because I wasn't secure about myself and thought my husband would be imagining the woman in the movie wile he and I were having sex . Then I started to opened my mind little by little and started to accept myself the way I was. We started by getting only instructional videos it worked for us so we got other kinds that appealed to our likes and wants for our own sex life say we were working on for play we would get a movies that has a lot of that and so on.

I would say adult movies have played a good part into making my husband and I better lovers teaching us new and better things, helping us to talk about our wants and likes etc. How ever there can be some down falls to adult movies many people have become addicts to them and have formed a lust for it. Now if  your not into watching the other people in the movies you could always try to make your own do what you want and have fun with it if you don't like the way it comes out try again .

I hope you all have fun.

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