Thursday, October 27, 2011

guest post - Book Club

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

Once a month a group of us in my neighborhood get together for book club. Each month the hostess picks a book for the group to read and has everyone over to her house to discuss the book. To help out, I always take a dish to share. I like to make something different each time, something everyone might not normally try. No chips and salsa, no chicken wings—I like to make something a little more gourmet. After several years it was getting hard to impress everyone so one day I turned on my Arizona Directv and switched the channel to the Food Network. From quick and easy to an afternoon of baking, I can always find something new and different that works for my schedule. Not only do I get the recipes but I can also see the food being prepared as well as the finished dish. Occasionally there have been some missteps but it’s no problem—I always have a back-up plan in mind! In fact, I’ve found so many new recipes I want to try out on everyone, I usually have several!

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