Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ezequiels first field trip

My son's class got to go to the anchorage zoo for the end of the year field trip it is a very small zoo compaired to others but it is nice that we have one up here with animals from outside Alaska.
We had a beautiful day that I was not exspecting because it had been cloudy and rainy the whole week and the days after and that was just awesome. 

My baby loved the zoo he got to see his favorite animal the bald eagle and we got him a little stuffed one at the gift shop. That might have been a mistake he was making eagle noises the whole ride home and for a few days after that (sigh) but the look on his face was all worth it to see him so happy.

Here are a few pics of the zoo

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  1. We used to go weekly before they started school. I'd pile all of them in the van and we'd spend the day with the wild and not so wild animals. They had a ball and we got our money's worth outta that annual pass!