Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Day

With seventeen three and four year olds was crazy. Let me explain a little better today was my son's last day for pre-k so they filled two blow up pools and let them have fun in the water. So some how I was the one to change all the kids from their wet cloths to their dry cloths the poor kids were so cold it was not an easy task but they all had fun. I only wish there were more parents to help out there were two moms me and another.  You know I hate parents that only show up for free or easy things like going on field trips and things but when it comes to fundraisers and volunteering they are always no shows strange huh.

well here are a few pictures

                                          All the kids in the pools ( tall guy is their teacher)
                                          Face painted Ezequiel receiving his award

                                         watching finding nemo

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