Monday, August 1, 2011

Ila security review

Light BlueIla security makes personal and stylish alarm systems for where you need it most they have 4 kinds of alarms. the personal alarm that you can clip onto your purse or Belt loop, the personal alarm key ring to keep with you all the time just like your keys are, the pedometer& running alarm that give you the extra sense of security wiles telling you how many calories you are burning and last but not least the door wedge alarm you put behind you closed door helping stop the door from opening anymore while letting of a loud sound to scare of the intruder. All of these come in cute stylish designs that make them look more like accessories then an alarm system . 

I received the personal alarm and personal alarm key ring and I do have  to say with me working 3rd shift in not the best part of town I get a little scared just walking to my car but now I keep the key ring alarm in hand and feel a lot more security. This would also be great for hiking up here in Alaska being that if you come into contact with a bear you should make loud noises to scare the bear away and at the same time it is loud enough for other hikers to hear you and get help.
Black Swirl

I am so glad that I had the chance to work with this company they are making it safer to do our daily routines.


  1. How loud is it? I never heard of anything like this before. Is it like a rape whistle from back in the day?

  2. The key chain one is about as loud as a car horn and the other one is so loud it will hurt your ears.