Monday, September 19, 2011

omg where did it go

where has this year gone it seems like last month was April and "boom" now we are in the middle of September what the hell happened in between.  You know this is not the first time this year that I feel like it is all going by way to fast all through out the year I have felt this way and I am not the only one so many people I have spoken to have felt the same way.  I think the world is playing a joke on all of us by speeding up then slowing down once a month or so, so we can look around and say wait what just happened .

The worst part about feeling like the year is going by way to fast is the fact that you think about what you have accomplished this year and you don't like your results. But I guess for some people it could be the other way around and looking back you say "wow" I did all that and it is only September damn time well spent.

Well maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself I did do a few good things so far like : starting this blog , starting a full time job, starting homeschooling my boys and even increased my Avon business. I only wish I  had the time to explore Alaska more we went hiking twice this year and have only gone an hour outside of Anchorage sigh but I guess we have many  more years to see everything . The only way I am moving from Alaska Is if we move to Mexico but other then that  my butt is staying in this cold and majestic place .

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  1. This year is FLYING by!! Seems like it was just Christmas and now its time for it again!! UGH!