Sunday, November 13, 2011

Omg I can not believe it is only 49 days away from Christmas where did the year go ? Even though it had been a great year i just feel I haven't gotten anything accomplished I had hoped to have all my hubby's img. paper work done and gone by now but we are only a few steps away from no more worries . I have been falling behind in so much now that I have a full time job but the money has helped so much and it made me feel better to take some of the stress off of my amazing husband.

This past few weeks I have been getting back on track it hasn't been easy but it is getting done Thank God . The way I have been doing it is just taking things one step at a time and that is not easy for a person like me I am a person who likes everything done at once and right the first time. Yea I know never happens but a girl can wish .

Well now i have to go clean , cook and do laundry fun fun fun

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