Wednesday, June 15, 2011

G-spot tickler

when I received the G-spot vibrator I was excited to try it out like I always am when it comes to a new goody from eden fantasys . I put the batteries in test it and damn that little thing packs a punch and to my surprise it was relatively quiet. I untwist the cord that goes from the remote to the tickler and I was happy to see how long it was (12in or so) because you don't want to be reaching the entire time to change speeds right.

So I get started and was not impressed first the tickler didn't reach my clit or even near it when it was inserted and I am the kind of woman that likes to be double stimulated who doesn't. Second it's like it lost all it's punch I couldn't feel barley anything wile inserted and it left me very unsatisfied ( hubby had to finish the job but he didn't mind ).

The package says its  Japan's # 1 best seller and it might be but it just didn't work for me maybe it is my height 5'7  it may work better for shorter women. I myself would go for a different sex toy  from eden fantasys they have so many to choose from there is something for everyone.

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