Sunday, July 17, 2011


Do you think is it true about certain foods helping you build your sexual desire? I am on the fence on this one  for a few reasons. 1. I have a strong sex drive so it may just be that I don't see the results like someone who has a slightly lower sex drive. 2. I am very picky about textures so I can't stand things like oysters. 3. Almost any kind of food can make you hot if you really want it to.

I have seen that foods I don't eat all that often that are believed to be aphrodisiacs do make me want it even more but I believe it could be a placebo effect. such as pomegranate , alcohol and figs are some foods I have seen a slight increase in sex drive but more common ones like chocolate, bananas, avocados etc. do nothing for me. Many food are thought of as aphrodisiacs based on their shapes and not so much on their nutritional values that help build sexual desire. So is it all in our minds or can food make us HOT?

Did you all know that the word aphrodisiac came from Aphrodite the Greek goddess of sexuality and love I never knew that until I was doing research for this post I should have put two and two together right duh.

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  1. Alcohol...I don't think it's as much an aphrodisiac as it lessons the inhibitions and makes people look hotter than they really are. Also, it makes you bolder and people make poor decisions while on alcohol.