Friday, April 29, 2011

how old is to old

In your opinion how old is to old  for a child to drink from a bottle or breast?

For me to old is 14 or so months my boys were off the boob at 3 months and off the bottle and onto a sippy at 6-8 months. I did it so early so that they were not one of those kids 3-5 that still uses a bottle. In my opinion that is just way to old and is just laziness on the parents side. the child cries and " pop" in goes the bottle or pacifier " what the hell see what your child really wants or needs" because 9 times out of 10 its not the bottle .

How old is to old for diapers?

On this one I would say 18-36 months no longer. If the parent takes the time to teach the kid how to use the potty it should not go past that time both my boys learned at or before there 2nd birthday I did have a little set back with my youngest when we moved up here to Alaska but we got back on track thank God is was such a money saver. My point being parents need to take the time for their kids and teach them the important things.

these opinions are based on average children and are not to offend anyone sorry if it did or does.


  1. My son was off the bottle at 18 months. I got home from work and realized there were sippy cups and about 12 bottles in the sink all needing washing. I tossed all the bottles that night. My daughter around 12-18 months as well.
    Diapers-the boy was 3 till he was completely potty trained. The girl was much younger (around 2 maybe?)

  2. girls are easier to train and seeing her brother most likely helped her learn early
    good job doing it all early