Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The runaway bunny

Our latest read is called "The runaway bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown.  In this book about a  baby bunny wants to run away  so he tell his mom differnt was of how he will runaway and she is always right there with ways to be with him like if he ranaway to be a fish she would be a fisherman. In this book it just shows how much a mother can love her child. Showing the child  that even when he dosn't want her or need her she will be there for when he does want her and need her that she never left him.

It is such a great book for kids that are just starting school or have troubles leaving their parents. I would recomend this book to any and all.

i hope you all have or do get a chance to read this amazing book


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  2. thank you i just checked out your blog cute dog what kind is he