Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring in Alaska

Ahh spring in Alaska is just amazing but so darn unpredictable it can be sunny in the morning rain in the evening and sun again at night ( yes I said sun at night it's Alaska). Spring to me means quiet nights because I can take the boys to the park and wear them out. Its nice to have a park right down the street it is so convenient and the boys love it.

With spring here I have been thinking about getting the boys bikes this year (they have scooters right now).
I never knew how many people rode bikes up here until spring came around then it seemed like everyone would leave their cars at home and bring the bikes out. Even Isaias rides his bike to work when its nice out I mean its only 5-6 miles and we do that in the gym all the time but it helps save us money on gas and save the environment right.

Isaias and I were talking today about once the snow is all gone on the mountains that we want to go hiking I can not wait I'm thinking late may to early june I am tring to get ready by going to the gym I hope I am ready.

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